Avrupamed Works With a Wide Network of Partners And Also Cares For Your Budget

In Avrupamed, we place great importance on the partners we introduce to you. We pick physicians who have unquestionable success stories and admired life-long achievements. Also one of our main purposes is to give you financially achiavable answers.

As the founders of Avrupamed, we have been working in the private healthcare sector more than 30 years now and this experience has been particularly focused on the treatment of international patients, in very well-known hospital brands of Turkey such as Acibadem Hospitals, Koç University Hospital, Amerikan Hospital and Medical Park Hospitals. As the executives who were responsible for the international tourism activities of these groups, we have accumulated pretty much information about many physicians.

This experience enables Avrupamed to use vast knowledge about physicians, to distinguish star doctors who have superior medical performance, combined with satisfactory communication skills with their patients.

So in Avrupamed, we work only with partners that we worked in the past and we know well. This narrow network of hand-picked physicians who have proven track records of success is the key behind the success of Avrupamed.

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