Changes in breast form and sagging are an uncomfortable problem for many women. Breast augmentation and lift surgeries are among the most frequently performed breast surgeries in Turkey. During these operations, prostheses of different structures are used. However, the decision on the type of the prosthesis and its suitability fort he specific patient is made by analysing the body anatomy of the person, by making the necessary measurements and examinations, and in accordance with the patient’s expectations.

Deficiencies in breast volume cause women to be even more unhappy after the pregnancy and breastfeeding processes are completed. As the breast volume gets smaller after breastfeeding is over, the breasts can sag. Apart from pregnancy and breastfeeding, constant weight gain and loss cycles, as well as being above the ideal weight also cause deformities in the breasts. Breast augmentation surgery can be applied to women of all age groups who have not given birth or are planning to breastfeed, as it does not prevent breastfeeding. In these surgeries, which we will describe as increasing the volume of the breast, prostheses of various structures are used. Today, women who complain about the decrease in breast volume can make their breasts look fuller by injecting fat tissues taken from the fatty areas of their own bodies. However, in some women, the inability to increase the volume of the breast tissue with adipose tissue makes it necessary to use prostheses. In breast augmentation surgeries performed with prostheses, both volumetric enlargement and removal of sagging are possible.

How to choose breast prosthesis?

The prostheses used in breast augmentation are different one from another in terms of both volume and shape. As the body anatomy of each woman is different, the degree of sagging of the breasts and volume loss in the breast tissue is also different. For this reason, it is important to know the patient’s expectations very well, as well as to make a good anatomical evaluation before the surgery. In the selection of prosthesis before the operation, besides the breast shape and volume that the person wants to have, skin elasticity, breast base length and width, and breast tissue thickness are also examined. After these measurements are made, it is decided how much volume will be added to the breast. In terms of shape, breast prostheses are divided into two: drop prostheses and round prostheses. When we look at the structure of the drop-shaped prostheses, it looks like natural breast tissue because there is less tissue in the upper part and more in the lower part. In round shaped prostheses, the prosthesis thickness is the same at the bottom, top and sides. This makes the breast look fuller. However, while some women find drop-shaped prostheses more natural, some women prefer round-shaped prostheses that allow them to have fuller breast tissue. Here, patient expectation and decision are important, but the anatomical structure should also be considered. For example, for a woman who has a very saggy breast tissue, using a drop prosthesis may not prevent this saggy appearance. Therefore, it may be more appropriate to use a round prosthesis in this case.

How long does the breast augmentation surgery last?

Before the operation, it is decided which prosthesis is suitable by looking at the anatomical structure of the patient. Breast augmentation surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and take approximately 1-1.5 hours. A breast prosthesis is placed in the pocket prepared under the muscle by making an incision under the breast. It is possible to provide a natural appearance with prostheses placed under the muscle, especially in people with very limited breast tissue. After the breast augmentation, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for one day. After the routine controls after the operation, it is possible to return to business and social life after 3-5 days of rest at home. Using special bras for about 4 weeks after breast prosthesis surgeries helps keep the breast form. After about 2-3 months, the prostheses will settle into its place with the effect of gravity, resulting in a very natural-looking breast tissue.

Does a breast prothesis affect breastfeeding?

If the patient’s breast tissue is very small and the fat tissue under the skin is insufficient, the breast prosthesis is placed under the muscle to reduce the prosthesis edge visibility. In patients where this visibility cannot be eliminated, injections are made with fats taken from the person’s own tissue, and a more natural appearance is obtained. The presence of a prosthesis in the breast does not affect the breastfeeding activity. Since these prostheses are placed away from the milk ducts and therefore under the muscle, they do not interfere with breastfeeding. Even if the outer sheath of prostheses produced with high technology today is damaged inside the body, it has been shown by research that the tissue inside does not disperse into the body tissues. Since the weight of the new generation prostheses has been reduced, its consistency is softer and since the outer capsule is developed in harmony with the body, it does not have any adverse effects on the health of the person over the years.

Can a breast aesthetic surgery prevent posture disorder?

The most important factor in breast augmentation is the weight of the person, the elasticity of the skin, the structure of the rib cage, the degree of sagging and lack of volume in the breast tissue. For example, the use of a breast prosthesis that is not very large in a person with a very narrow chest and thin body structure, including a small back area, results in a more aesthetic appearance from an anatomical point of view. On the other hand, a larger breast prosthesis should be used to create sufficient breast volume in a patient who has experienced pregnancy and has loosened breasts and lost volume as a result of weight loss. For this reason, while performing breast aesthetics, the body should be evaluated as a whole and the natural appearance should not be sacrificed. The patient should not be disturbed by his own appearance after the operation, and the best thing is that no one understands that the person has undergone plastic surgery when viewed from the outside. Breasts that are compatible with the general shape of the body both provide aesthetic appearance and self-confidence and can correct body posture disorders.

When will I recover after the breast augmentation surgery?

The healing process after the breast implant surgery differs from patient to patient. The most important factor to be considered after these surgeries is not to lift heavy weights and not to engage in strenuous physical activities. Heavy physical activities should be restricted for 6 weeks. It is normal to have surgical scars in places where breast implants are placed, such as under the breast, under the nipple or under the armpit. However, these scars do not disturb the patients much as these are small traces that can be hidden in underwear most of the time. Thanks to the scar reducing creams to be used after the surgery, the scars become less visible over time.

What happens in case of a weightgain after breast aesthetics?

Tissues loosen over time due to pregnancy and aging. If breast augmentation was performed using large-volume prostheses, rapid sagging and deformity of the breasts may occur over time. If a person who has undergone breast aesthetics gains excessive weight in the postoperative period, deformities may occur in the breast. For this reason, it is important to perform breast aesthetic surgery when the person is at their ideal weight. Delays and difficulties are seen in wound healing after surgery in patients with obesity problems and smoking. For this reason, it is important for the person to give herself time to get rid of the excess weight before the surgery and to get support from a nutritionist. Rather than applying a periodic weight loss diet, it is important to establish a nutrition program that creates a lifestyle change that will be permanent in the long term. If the weight is kept within the ideal limits, breast aesthetics will also be successful.